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About Us

Our Journey

Founded in 1988, at Kitchener Complex, which now serves as our main office. We first started as Flexi-Tec Electrical Enterprise, and as we grow, we have changed our company structure and have been registered under Flexi-Tec Electrical Pte Ltd since 2015. Over the years, as demand increases, we have expanded into two more retail branches located at Jalan Besar Plaza and Sim Lim Tower. We have served more than 700 companies and counting.

Our Vision

To strive for environmental sustainability and ensure the safety & productivity of living.

Our Mission

To provide the utmost service to our valued customers.

Established History

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Knowledgeable Staff

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company contributes back to society by volunteering in areas related to mental health, providing training, educating volunteers, and working with non-profit welfare organizations to aid those in need.

To reduce carbon footprints & promote environmental friendliness, we incorporate the 3Rs practice into our daily work routine & culture.

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